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Sample Bundle of Best-Selling Compostable Food & Beverage Packaging


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Our convenient sample bundle includes 26 different items for you to see, test, and try with your menu. This bundle provides an excellent example of our various product types and compostable plant-based materials like PLA, PHA, NoTree Paper and Plant Fiber.

Why use non-compostable petroleum-based plastics which create toxicity and lasting pollution when there are compostable alternatives?  Materials and certifications will vary by product.


# SKU Product Name Brand
1  S-SAMPLE-STRAWS  PHA Straws Pack of All Sizes  Good Start Packaging
2  MAGNET  Kitchen Measurement Conversion Magnet  Good Start Packaging
3  S-CBG  EcoSafe Compostable Food Service Gloves  EcoSafe
4  S-ECOCUSTOM  Custom Printed Deli Paper  Seaman Paper
5  S-07GSHOP  Medium Compostable Shopping Bag  BioBag
6  S-PB1117  Compostable Produce Bags  BioBag
7  S-AS-PS-TN  Individually Wrapped 6" Utensil Set | tPLA  World Centric
8  S-AS-BB-TN  6.7" Bamboo Utensil Sets Individually Wrapped  World Centric
9  S-CP-CS-16  16 oz Compostable Cold Cup | PLA  World Centric
10  S-CPL-CS-12  PLA Lid | Straw Hole | Fits 9Q - 24 oz Cold Cup  World Centric
11  S-CPL-CS-12NS  PLA Sip Lids for Cold Cups 9Q - 24 oz  World Centric
12  S-CU-SU-16  16 oz Compostable NoTree Paper Hot Cup  World Centric
13  S-CUL-CS-12  CPLA Lids | Fits 10-20 oz Coffee Cup  World Centric
14  S-BO-SU-16  16 oz Compostable NoTree Paper Bowl  World Centric
15  S-BOL-PA-12-K  Kraft Paper Lid for 12 - 32 oz Bowls  World Centric
16  S-BO-SC-UBB-LFP  32 oz Fiber Burrito Bowl | No PFAS  World Centric
17  S-BOL-CS-UBB  PLA Lid | Fits 32 oz Burrito Bowl  World Centric
18  S-SF-NT-4  4 oz NoTree Paper Portion Cups  World Centric
19  S-BT-NT-100  1 lb NoTree Paper Compostable Food Trays  World Centric
20  S-SB-CS-16  16 oz Round PLA Salad Bowls  World Centric
21  S-SBL-CS-16  PLA Lid | Fits 16 oz Salad Bowl  World Centric
22  S-DC-CS-16  16 oz Round PLA Deli Containers  World Centric
23  S-DCL-CS-12  PLA Lids for Round PLA Deli Containers 8-32 ozs  World Centric
24  S-87490  Duro Bistro Dubl Life Paper Bags | 10x6.75x12"  Duro
25  S-BDV09006  16 oz PLA Clamshell Deli Containers w/Lids  Good Natured
26  S-1100LPN-CUSTOM  Custom Printed Hot Cup Sleeve  Java Jacket