Biodegradable Trash Bags

Compostable trash bags are a great way to transport compostables and food waste to the compost facility. Many companies now offer so called biodegradable trash bags that are actually not biodegradable. There is recent university research that evaluated the various additives added to the plastic to supposedly make so-called biodegradable garbage bags compostable. As it turns out, the additives are ineffective.  What happens is the bags break down into tinier pieces that are then ingested by fish.

The products we sell actually are compostable garbage bags. They have been certified by the Biodegradable Plastics Institute. They are made of “Mater-Bi,” an innovative family of bioplastics derived from starches of plants, vegetable oils and compostable polymers. They are printed with soy-based inks.  For more information on the compostability of biodegradable trash bags, read this study: Degradation of Bioplastics in Industrial Composting Facilities vs. Home Composting Environments.



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