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Compostable Materials

Learn more about eco-friendly compostables!

Compostable food packaging is made from a variety of plant-based materials that are 100% commercially compostable.
Check out our Materials Guides below for more information.

PLA food packaging

PLA: Polylactic Acid

Bioplastic Made From Corn
For food and drinks served cold or room temperature, we offer a line of clear cups and containers. These products are made from Poly Lactic Acid (PLA), a compostable, plant-based bioplastic derived from U.S. grown corn.

Guide to PLA

Wheat Straw Fiber Products

Wheat straw fiber

Fiber Made From Wheat Straw
Many different types of fibrous plants can be used to manufacture alternatives to tree-based paper products and food containers. The wheat straw we use is the leftover part of the wheat stalk after it’s been harvested. This material is naturally gluten-free and does not contain protein or any other allergens.

Guide to Fiber

Recycled Paper Food Containers

Recycled Paper

Post-consumer recycled paper
Recycled paper is becoming more and more popular in the packaging industry. From coffee cups and food containers to reusable shopping bags, post-consumer paper is 100% compostable, including PLA-lined products.

Guide to Recycled Paper

Guide to TPLA & CPLA


PLA with upgrades!
tPLA is a Talc added variety for rigidity and strength used mainly for utensils. cPLA is crystalized PLA which increases its heat resistance and strength for products like coffee cup lids. Both are fully compostable in commercial composting facilities and perfect replacements for plastic!

Guide to TPLA & CPLA

Sugarcane Fiber products

Bagasse/Sugarcane Fiber

Fiber made from sugarcane stalks
This renewable fiber is a byproduct of sugarcane farming using the leftover sugarcane stalks. Utilized as a fiber blend in many of our fiber to go boxes, it is also used as a paper replacement in our NoTree line of cups and bowls. All of our sugarcane products are 100% compostable.

Guide to Sugarcane Fiber

Cellophane bags


Bioplastic made from wood
Our cellophane bags are made with Natureflex™ cellulose, a clear film made from processing the natural cellulose fibers of plants. Cellophane bags are food safe and compostable and a hugely popular alternative to plastic bags.

Guide to Cellophane

Bamboo Products


The exterior sheath or entire bamboo plant
Abundant and renewable, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. Its tensile strength is stronger than steel which is why bamboo is used to make utensils and tableware. Its fibers can even be turned into paper to make cups!

Guide To Bamboo


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