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Compostable Produce Bags

Compostable produce bags are loved by customers at farmers markets, co-ops, and natural food grocery stores. Made by BioBag brand in California, these biodegradable produce bags are made from a bioplastic (aka compostable plastic) that is entirely derived from plant materials, which allows the produce stored inside them to breathe. This is a positive feature because it prolongs the life of the produce by allowing the ethylene gas and excess moisture to escape, keeping fruits and veggies as fresh as possible.

Strong enough to line the compost bin, Biobags can also go right into the compost heap along with kitchen scraps. Certainly this is another great feature customers will appreciate!

A Little Note About Greenwashing

These biodegradable produce bags are the only fully compostable produce bags that have been certified by BPI. Don’t be fooled by some of the so called “green” produce bags that claim to be biodegradable, when they are actually regular plastic bags, with unproven chemical additives that claim to break them down faster in a landfill.  The truth is, nothing biodegrades in a landfill! For more info about these faux- green produce bags, see this article called The Truth About Biodegradable Plastics. We sell Biobags because they are from a legitimate company that makes truly eco friendly products!

Sounds good, but can I try them out first?

Absolutely! We are happy to send you samples to try

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