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5" Bamboo Leaf Spoons | 100 count

5" Bamboo Leaf Spoons | 100 count

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These 5-inch appetizer spoons are naturally strong and durable. Excellent for use as mini appetizer plates or to serve bite-sized desserts. These bamboo leaf spoons are designed to keep your tasty offerings mess-free and portable.

Allow your guests a delightful pre-taste with our Leaf Spoons. Made from top-tier material, these elegant spoons are odorless and don't interfere with the aroma or savor of your edibles. Suitable for warm and chilly delicacies, these commercially compostable leaf spoons are perfect for scooping anything from hot appetizers to chilled desserts. Boasting light yet robust construction, these disposable spoons ensure that your guests can relish ice cream, yogurt, or gelato without the worry of breakage. With a broad, solid handle, these disposable bamboo spoons offer steadiness and will not splinter while savoring delectable bites. These single-use spoons are easily disposable, facilitating quick cleanup after use. The smooth finish of these biodegradable tasting spoons avoids the chance of accidental pricks whilst providing a comfortable grip.

Measuring 5 inches in length, these dessert spoons comfortably fit into most takeaway dessert boxes. Sold in a 100 count box.

Our line of bamboo plates, bowls, utensils, and serving accessories offers a sustainable and elegant alternative to traditional plastic. Bamboo is considered to be a renewable resource since it grows to maturity in less than 2 years. In addition, its compostable and strong enough to hold up for your wedding or special event.

These products ship in 2-3 days from Ohio so please allow adequate lead time.

Quantity Per Case 100
Case Weight 1.50 LBS
Case Width 5.00
Case Depth 3.50
Material Bamboo