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7.75" PHA Straws Individually Wrapped | 4500 count


MSRP: $146.00
You Save: $17.01 / Per Case | Price Per Unit:
  • SKU:93352500
  • Product Dimensions:7.75" x .2"
  • Quantity Per Case:4500
  • Weight Per Case:16.00 LBS
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Our best selling, individually wrapped PHA straws look and feel just like traditional plastic straws except they are made with PHA, a cutting edge bio-based polymer. 

PHA is a superior straw material as it can compost in home compost bins which produce lower temperatures than industrial composting facilities due to less volume and depth of biomass. PHA is also unique in that is marine degradable and will completely break down in marine environments, should it unproperly end up there.

PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanoate) is derived from the highly refined, and allergy-free oils of canola and soy seeds.

Each case of straws includes 18 smaller bags of 250 straws per bag. Also known as "Jumbo Standard" straws, these are your typical soda/water width and standard 7.75" length. For smoothies or milkshakes try our smoothie straws.


  • Looks and feels like regular plastic
  • Individually wrapped for sanitation
  • Made from Danimer Scientific’s signature biopolymer, Nodax PHA®
  • Certified Home Compostable per TUV's OK compost HOME protocol
  • Passes Home Compostability testing per AS 5810
  • Marine Degradable: Passes Marine Degradation testing per ASTM D6691
  • Made in the USA
  • Made in a Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified facility guaranteeing a safe contaminant-free product from a sterile facility
  • Product Dimensions: 7.75" long x 0.216" wide (5.5mm)
  • Straw size is considered "Jumbo Standard"

Wrapper reads: "This straw will biodegrade completely in the ocean or on land within 3-6 months. Learn More at"

Straws will break down much faster in a commercial but a home composting environment is sufficient! Store and use under 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Store away from direct sunlight.

Also available as a 250-count bag.

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