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Good Start Packaging Paper Straws

Paper Straws from Good Start Packaging

Its easier than ever to switch to paper straws! To keep pace with unprecedented worldwide demand for paper straws, Good Start Packaging is proud to announce its own brand of paper straws is launching in January. We’ve worked very hard to make sure our straws are the most eco-friendly and reliable on the market. 

Our paper straws use FSC Certified paper, are compostable, and use only non-toxicfood-safe materials.

Save 20% For a Limited Time

To celebrate the first production run, Good Start Packaging is offering a limited time 20% discount on all straws pre-ordered before they arrive in our warehouse on January 31st. This is a one-time discount that won’t be repeated so stock up now.

Use code straws20 to save 20% on your order of Good Start Packaging Straws.

Discount available through January 31, 2019 and applies to all Good Start PackagingTM brand paper straws. Excludes all other brands of paper straws.