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World Centric Touchless Utensil Dispenser | Fork, Knife, Spoon | 1 unit

World Centric Touchless Utensil Dispenser | Fork, Knife, Spoon | 1 unit

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Plant-Based Materials

Made with annually renewable plants like bamboo and corn.

B Corp Certified

Made by a B Corp Certified Manufacturer or Brand.

World Centric Totally Touchless Cutlery Dispenser: The most hygienic way to dispense single-use compostable cutlery. 

Dispenser includes one tower each for Forks, Spoons and Knives. Fork, Spoon and Knife Refill packs are Sold Separately.

PLEASE NOTE: Dispenser is only compatible with the following utensil dispenser refill skus: FO-PS-6DPSP-PS-6DP, KN-PS-6DP   

Given the state of foodservice operations, a truly touchless dispensing solution to provide cutlery to your customers is imperative. But the number of sustainable options available have been few. And the field narrows when you require a completely touchless refilling solution for loading the utensils. Now World Centric has introduced the most effective and hygienic answer to dispensing cutlery in a safe, secure manner. And, best of all, you can maintain your commitment to using sustainable cutlery because World Centric utensils are made from plant-based, certified compostable PLA plastic.

World Centric tPLA utensils are compostable utensils made from TPLA, a resin made from 70% non-GMO corn and 30% Talc. TPLA resin is certified for compostability.

Refill cutlery packs are contact-free at all 15 points along the path from factory line to mealtime. Factory-sealed cartridges and zero-touch dispensers demonstrate your commitment to cleanliness.


  • Sealed Bags - Completely no touch handling and refilling of cutlery prevents contamination
  • Labor Saving - Holds up to 375 pieces to minimize refills (125 per tower)
  • Minimizes Waste - Customers take only the individual pieces of cutlery they need
  • Ease of Use - Easy refilling with simple instructions on cutlery bags and refill indicators
  • Compostable Cutlery - Made of plant-based plastic. Composts in 2-4 months in a commercial composting facility
  • Place Anywhere - Easy placement on almost any counter space, with no electricity required
  • Supports our Giving - 25% of net profits go to social and environmental organizations
  • Product Dimensions - 21.1" Height x 8.6" Wide x 10.06" Depth (at base)

NOTE: Home composting not advised for TPLA products as they require higher heat to break down.

Case Weight 14.80 LBS
Case Height 12.50
Case Width 11.00
Case Depth 22.50
Material Bamboo
UPC 10810029132708