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World Centric Touchless Utensil Dispenser | Fork, Knife, Spoon | 1 unit

World Centric Touchless Utensil Dispenser | Fork, Knife, Spoon | 1 unit

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Plant-Based Materials

Made with annually renewable plants like bamboo, corn, or sugarcane fiber.

B-Corp Business

Made by a B Corp Certified Manufacturer or Brand.

World Centric Totally Touchless Cutlery Dispenser: The most hygienic way to dispense single-use compostable cutlery. 

Dispenser includes one tower each for Forks, Spoons and Knives. Fork, Spoon and Knife Refill packs are Sold Separately.

Given the state of foodservice operations, a truly touchless dispensing solution to provide cutlery to your customers is imperative. But the number of sustainable options available have been few. And the field narrows when you require a completely touchless refilling solution for loading the utensils. Now World Centric has introduced the most effective and hygienic answer to dispensing cutlery in a safe, secure manner. And, best of all, you can maintain your commitment to using sustainable cutlery because World Centric utensils are made from plant-based, certified compostable PLA plastic.

World Centric tPLA utensils are compostable utensils made from TPLA, a resin made from 70% non-GMO corn and 30% Talc. TPLA resin is certified for compostability.

Refill cutlery packs are contact-free at all 15 points along the path from factory line to mealtime. Factory-sealed cartridges and zero-touch dispensers demonstrate your commitment to cleanliness.


  • Sealed Bags - Completely no touch handling and refilling of cutlery prevents contamination
  • Labor Saving - Holds up to 375 pieces to minimize refills (125 per tower)
  • Minimizes Waste - Customers take only the individual pieces of cutlery they need
  • Ease of Use - Easy refilling with simple instructions on cutlery bags and refill indicators
  • Compostable Cutlery - Made of plant-based plastic. Composts in 2-4 months in a commercial composting facility
  • Place Anywhere - Easy placement on almost any counter space, with no electricity required
  • Supports our Giving - 25% of net profits go to social and environmental organizations
  • Product Dimensions - 21.1" Height x 8.6" Wide x 10.06" Depth (at base)

NOTE: Home composting not advised for TPLA products as they require higher heat to break down.

Case Weight 14.80 LBS
Case Width 11.00
Case Depth 22.50
Material Bamboo
UPC 10810029132708