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How well do your products handle heat?

Plant Fiber Products
Fiber-based containers like to-go boxes and trays, burrito bowls, and clamshells are designed to hold hot food and drinks up to 450°. They are microwaveable up to 2-3/4 minutes for unlined products and 5-3/4 minutes for lined products.

Paper Products
NoTree Paper hot cups and bowls made from sustainably harvested bamboo paper are designed to hold hot food and drinks but are not microwave-friendly.

PLA Products
PLA (polylactic acid) containers made from corn starch are not designed for hot foods and should be stored away from heat sources. These cold cups, salad bowls, and deli containers are best for room temperature or cold items.

Looking More Reheating Power?
Explore new plant-based rigid bio-plastic containers designed for at least 5 cycles of 2 minutes each.*
**Residential microwave (1300 Watt)