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Flat Cellophane Bags | Samples


Maximum Purchase:

Plastic food bags without side pleats (gussets).

Cellophane packaging is returning to popularity as an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum based plastic packaging. Made from plant cellulose, cellophane is 100% compostable and easily biodegrades in soil, just like plants and leaves. Compostable cellophane bags are clear and perfect for storing and displaying food items. Our eco friendly bags are considered high-grade food packaging, are moisture resistant and heat sealable. Foods that store well include baked goods, candies, nuts, spices, cake mixes and dried fruits. Cellophane is also a good choice for greasy or oily products.

  • Multiple sizes and quantities available
  • 100% Compostable
  • Heat sealable, moisture resistant
  • Cellophane bags are also available with gussets (side pleats for wider expansion to accommodate bulkier food products)
  • 1.2mm thickness