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Why Our Shipping Isn't Free

Transparency is the key to integrity

Here's a few things to understand about "free" shipping:

  • Free Shipping is not free. Companies make up this cost by adjusting their product prices to be higher.
  • Free Shipping is what many companies do to get you to buy more overpriced products than you want or need.
  • Free Shipping made it difficult for us to give you the very best deals available.

The practice of “Free Shipping” is not transparent. We want to be completely open and clear with our customers while providing the best value. Beginning in the summer of 2018, we eliminated free shipping. We also decreased our prices significantly. This allows you to understand exactly what you are paying. It also ensures you are not subsidizing shipping costs for others.

We provide the lowest possible prices all of the time to make compostable, eco-friendly products accessible to you year-round. We never offer sales or customer discounts because our prices are already as low as possible.

We encourage you to focus on the bottom line total of your bill, not the shipping costs. The bottom line and flawless delivery are all that matter.

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