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Custom Printed Paper Clamshell Produce Containers | Sample

  • Quantity: 1

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For quicker folding, check out the available Folding Jigs!

Samples of our custom printed kraft paper or kraft/white paper Sustainable Produce Containers.

Custom printing is available on any size of our containers at a minimum order of 1 pallet. See the particular size product for information on how many cases & containers per pallet.

Printable of multiple sides of the package including the bottom which is a great place to tell the story of your produce and farm or add a recipe!

Also printable on the kraft side or the white side.

Each sample includes a kraft printed and a white printed sample.


  • 100% Recyclable, easily biodegrades or composts in proper environments.
  • Professional-looking vented container
  • Vents allow airflow, minimizes condensation
  • Made of .018 CUK paper board with high wet strength: clay coated white side and Kraftpak brown side
  • Anchor/spear lock for a tamper-proof seal or tuck lid into the front wall for fast closure
  • Earth-themed cut out vents allow good visibility from all sides
  • Free from PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl substances) 
  • Rigid enough to stack multiple containers
  • Holds up well during temperature transitions from field to refrigerator
  • Takes up less space when shipped & stored than plastic clamshells
  • Alternative to plastic clamshells that virtually all recycling centers will NOT take