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EcoSafe Compostable Cling Wrap Film Cutterbox 11.4" x 820'

EcoSafe Compostable Cling Wrap Film Cutterbox 11.4" x 820'

  • SKU: NF-CB290-BOX
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This product will naturally degrade into organic material.

Plant-Based Materials

Made with annually renewable plants like bamboo and corn.

BPI Certified

Certified Commercially Compostable by Biodegradable Products Institute.

CMA Certified

Certified Commercially Compostable by Compost Manufacturers Alliance.

TUV Certified Home

Certified Home Compostable by TUV Austria.

TUV Certified Industrial

Certified Commercially Compostable by TUV Austria.

Just in! 17.7" wide Compostable Cling Film.

Nature Fresh certified compostable cling wrap film 11.4″ Cutter Box is the only way to seal in product freshness and extend product shelf life with a compostable film.

  • Roll Size: 11.4" x 820' per single box
  • 8 Boxes per Case (total length: 6560 ft.)

Keeps fresh for longer: The permeability of Nature Fresh to water vapor and oxygen increases product shelf life and reduces dehydration and consequent weight loss. This also greatly reduces the chance of fogging. Meat, fruit, veggies and all foods will benefit from this ability.

Nature Fresh is Certified OK compost HOME by TÜV AUSTRIA for home composting. Also BPI, CMA and OK compost INDUSTRIAL certified for industrial composting and has already passed through the very stringent compostability certification process in Europe. Commercial compostability according the North American standard ASTM D6400 and D6868, and industrial compostability according to the European standard EN13432.

In an industrial compost facility, Nature Fresh materials will be converted into CO2, water, and biomass, within the established time frame under the industrial composting conditions. Generated compost is valuable because it is rich in nutrients and is used for landscaping, agriculture , horticulture, and various other beneficial uses: the circle is complete.


  • BPI & CMA Certified compostable
  • Certified OK compost HOME by TÜV AUSTRIA
  • Certified OK compost INDUSTRIAL by TÜV AUSTRIA
  • Clear film printed with BPI and CMA certification using compostable inks
  • Approved for direct food contact with all types of foods, even fatty ones 
  • Extend product shelf life by up to 8 days
  • Superior strength and stretch - use up to 20% less
  • Improved moisture control - reduce product shrinking
  • Single Box Dimensions: 13.5" Wide x 3.25" Depth x 3.5" Height 
  • Made in Italy

Environmentally-friendly packaging (box) 100% recyclable Made from 100% recycled materials

· Effectively contributing to the Circular Economy · High moisture vapor transmission rate: organic and natural foods can breathe according to their own rates and stay fresher longer · Minimum amount of film necessary to package your food · Transparent, cling effect, user-friendly

Cases Per Pallet 24
Case Weight 0.00 LBS
Case Width
Case Depth
UPC 678526500306