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Are your products microwave-safe?

Many of our items are microwave-friendly and do not leach harmful chemicals when heated like plastic and foam-based containers.

Our Plant Fiber Products like fiber to-go boxes and trays and clamshells will handle hot food and beverages up to 450° F. They are microwaveable up to 2-3/4 minutes for unlined products and 5-3/4 minutes for lined products. 

Our 16 Ounce and 24 ounce Microwaveable Containers are also microwave-friendly and great for frozen meals and reheating. They are microwave safe in a residential microwave (1300 Watt) for at least 5 cycles of 2 minutes each.

While our Paper Hot Cups, Bowls, and To-Go Boxes are designed to hold hot foods, certain microwaves may generate extremely high heat that could damage the seams or in some situations burn or ignite the paper. We recommend testing our products in your operations to ensure they meet your specific conditions. We have samples available for most containers. PLA products are not microwave-friendly.