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Are there custom options without minimum order requirements?

Our minimum order quantities for
custom printed food packaging are set by our various manufacturers. These minimums tend to be high because the manufacturers have to shut down their stock production lines to produce custom-printed products. Note that we offer climate-controlled storage for custom printed products if on-site storage is not available at your location.

If the minimum order quantities are too high for your business right now, many of our clients utilize custom stamps, stickers, or labels to brand their packaging depending on the material. For smaller or new companies, these options are more practical and accessible in terms of both capital investment and inventory commitment.

For your convenience, we have identified a couple of DIY branding resources whose quality products have worked well for many of our clients in the past:

1. Custom stamps from are a cost-friendly and low-risk solution. Submit your logo and size preference, and they will have a customized rubber stamp delivered to you in less than two weeks.

2. Compostable labels can be found online. We hope to carry these soon.