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3 Compartment Fiber Tray | 10 x 7.5 x 1.5 | 400 count

World Centric

MSRP: $134.84
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  • SKU:TR-SC-U10T
  • Quantity Per Case:400
  • Weight Per Case:27.00 LBS

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This item is being replaced with TR-SC-U10T-LFS.

The perfect food tray for splitting up mains and sides! Great for hot or cold foods with a variety of lid options sold separately.

These trays are unlined and not ideal for liquids. For a more grease resistant tray in the same size, check out our PLA Lined version, TR-SC-U10T-LF.


  • Microwave and freezer safe, can be used for both hot and cold items.
  • Soak proof.
  • Have no plastic or wax lining.
  • Composts in 2-4 months in a composting facility.
  • Fully compostable, sturdy and strong.
  • Meets ASTM D-6400 standard for compostability.

Liquid volume:

  • 32oz to the 1st indent
  • 40oz to the top



Tray Band

This product is not available for sale in California, New York, and Washington.