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Clear PLA Lids for 44-54 oz Hexagonal Bowls | Sample

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NOTE: These lids fit INTO the bowls and offset some of the bowl's food volume. This also make them stackable!

Made from an eco-friendly compostable PLA bioplastic for eco-friendly, compostable hex bowl containers!  With tons of applications from salads to nachos and creative bowls, these are popular for a very good reason.

Matching 44 oz Bowls BX-FB-44 and 54 oz Bowls BX-FB-54 sold separately!


  • Certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute
  • Made from Ingeo, a corn-based resin made from plants grown in the USA.
  • Composts in 2-4 months in a commercial facility
  • Meets ASTM D-6400 standard for compostability
  • Meets FDA standards for food contact
  • Product Dimensions: 9.82" Diameter x 1.0" Height

Store and use under 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Store away from direct sunlight.

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