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Miscanthus Fiber Clamshells

Good Start Packaging is a proud distributor of World Centric's new line of United States made miscanthus fiber products. These take out containers and plates are sustainable, all the way from production until they are tossed in a compost bin. They are the perfect, eco-friendly alternative to Styrofoam. Check out our video below to learn more about miscanthus.

California company World Centric has been pioneering a new generation of compostable food takeout containers. Recently they began working with an Ohio-based company called Aloterra to manufacture food packaging from a plant called miscanthus. Aloterra wants to bring back more manufacturing jobs to the U.S. while also providing farmers with a more financially-reliable crop. Their endeavor is making use of thousands of acres of marginalized farmland that are unfit to grow food, as well as restoring the agricultural and manufacturing industries of an economically-struggling region.