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Tamper Evident Caps for Juice Bottles | 250 Count Bag


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Save! Buy caps by the case and save $60 on the caps and even more on shipping. Available in six colors.
Cases are small and easy to store (12" x 24" x 16").


These high quality caps fit our full line of PET bottles. These juice bottle lids offer a tight seal, which will keep your beverage fresh on the shelf and prevent spillage. They have a tamper evident ring seal, reassuring your customers the product has not been touched since it was bottled. The caps can be placed on the bottles by hand, no equipment needed!


  • Ease of application/ease of use
  • Patented J-band is difficult to override TE features and has excellent reseal
  • Light weighting bottle
  • Billions of these caps in the market place
  • Plug seal performance on PET is excellent
  • 38mmDBJ


  • Tamper band remains on bottle after opening
  • Exceptional tamper evidence in the dairy market
  • Requires 50% less top load