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They say that need is the mother of all invention! Parents will appreciate this story. One day on a road trip with her two kids, EcoTensil inventor Peggy Cross forgot to pack spoons for some yogurts she had brought. On the spot, she hacked a quick solution out of a cereal box. Soon this “reinvented disposable spoon” turned into her mission!

Made from silky-smooth coated paperboard, EcoTensil is sturdy, moisture-resistant, and biodegradable. Imagine the EcoTensil custom branded with your company’s logo at in-store sample tastings, events, or deli-counters. EcoTensil is also good for ice-cream shops, institutions, airlines, convenience stores, vending machines, and other to-go food companies. You’ll love the value of these simple, low cost spoons, and how little space they take up on your counter. Your eco-conscious customers will love that they’re made from renewable resources, are compostable, and biodegradable! Some customers have said that the spoons alone were a draw-in to their sample booths, generating positive word of mouth and good feelings all around.

  •  Beautifully brand-able
  •  Has the strength to serve any soft or bite-sized food such as yogurt, cereal, chili, deli salads, rice dishes, and more.
  • Made in the USA
  • Fully compostable
  • Made of renewable, FSC certified paperboard
  • Material and Cost-efficient
  • Space-efficient with low carbon-footprint in transit
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