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Impulse Hand Sealer for Cellophane Bags | 12"


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The KF-Series 300H Hand Sealer provides a 12 inch long and 5mm wide seal. Each sealer comes with a manufacturer’s replacement kit of 2 elements and 2 PTFE covers. Equivalent to Uline Tabletop Impulse Sealers

KF Impulse Hand Sealers seal cellophane, poly bags and other thermoplastic materials quickly and efficiently without any warm-up time. Can seal materials up to 2.6mil.  The sealers are equipped with a plug-in electronic timer which controls the different sealing times needed for the varying thicknesses of different materials. The timer automatically beeps when the seal is done.
Plug-in electronic timer for variable control
All metal construction
No warm-up time
Round wire option available for seal and cut
The KF-300H can seal a variety of poly materials including but not limited to: Polyethylene, Saran, Nylon, Polyvinylchloride, Polypropylene, Pliofilm, Kel-F, Mylar, Polyflex, Polyurethane, and Polyvinyl alcohol.

UL Listed
Seal Length 12 inches
Seal Width 2.6 mm
Power 380w