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Great Alternatives To Your Favorite Eco-Friendly PLA Products

Great Alternatives To Your Favorite Eco-Friendly PLA Products

Posted by Good Start Packaging on 8th Dec 2021

You may have heard that there's a worldwide shortage of Polylactic acid (PLA) at the moment.

Why? Well, did you know that PLA is used in everything from your favorite compostable food packaging products to biodegradable medical devices and even 3D printing?

More and more consumers are demanding eco-friendly products with businesses wanting to offer sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic. At the same time, there are a limited number of factories that produce PLA resin worldwide. Many of these producers have also been affected by extreme weather impacting harvests. So, manufacturers of the raw material for PLA products need time to catch up with demand.

Have no fear: we're here to highlight eco-friendly alternatives you may not have considered. Check out some sustainable food packaging options below.

NOTE: if you have an immediate need for PLA products, we still have an ample supply in stock. Shop now or contact a member of our sales team for assistance.

Cold Cups: PLA vs. Paper

What's great about PLA cold cups is that they look and feel just like plastic without the harmful environmental side effects that go into manufacturing plastic or styrofoam. They're sturdy, sustainable and crystal clear. But, our new line of NoTree™ paper cold cups drive sustainability to a whole new level. Empty NoTree compostable cold cup

In addition to being 100% compostable, these cold cups are made from bamboo, a rapidly growing grass that continues to grow after being harvested. In fact, bamboo is the single fastest growing species of plant on the planet with some species growing more than a meter a day!

Our NoTree™ paper cold cups are also built with a PLA liner, which prevents leaking and condensation. And the thick paper has been known to keep liquids cooler for longer. Did we mention that they cost 25% less than PLA cold cups on average per case?

Salad Bowls & Deli Containers: PLA vs. Fiber

stack of three fiber to-go boxes with food and lidsOur clear salad bowls and deli containers are as light and strong as plastic and can handle temperatures up to 110 degrees. But, our fiber-based to-go boxes and clamshells can be a great alternative.Available in all shapes and sizes, with multi-compartment options, these beauties will be an instant visual reminder to your customers that you've chosen to use compostable products at your business.

Many containers are available in a PLA-lined option making them soak-proof. They're also microwave and freezer-safe and stack perfectly for easy storage or transport. Need to include salad dressing? Not a problem: we offer both PLA and fiber portion cups.

Straws: PLA vs. PHA vs. Paper

Our PLA straws are just as strong as traditional plastics without the environmental pollution.

Our newest straws are made from PHA. PHA straws are home compostable, marine degradable and look and feel just like PLA straws. They also come individually wrapped.

Also paper straws are widely used as well.gsp-paper-straws-black

Available in black or white, and in standard or smoothie sizes, paper straws are the sustainable alternative to un-recyclable plastic straws. They're BPA-free, food-safe, naturally compostable, and marine-degradable.

At Good Start, we're always looking one step ahead. We'll continue to stock the largest variety of compostable, sustainable products that we can while maintaining a high level of service. We'll also keep you, our valued clients, aware of market conditions so that you can continue to serve your customers using the best environmentally-responsible products available.