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Sustainable Catering Practices - 5 Examples of Success

Sustainable Catering Practices - 5 Examples of Success

Posted by Ken Jacobus on 8th Dec 2021

Making sustainable choices isn’t just relegated to the restaurant world Catering companies are making these choices too – and some of them are doing a pretty darn good job of it. Here are five examples:

CoolEatz Catering

Founded by award winning cookbook author and San Francisco Bay area resident Jesse Cool, Cool Eatz is the catering arm of a business that includes three uniquely themed restaurants in the area.All locations source food from many local farmers (including Jesse’s own personal garden) and were among the first in the country to use compostable take out packaging well before they were considered mainstream.

They source as much non-GMO, organic, natural ingredients as possible or at least those that don’t contain any chemicals in their production. Because CoolEatz operates on local university campuses and caters to many high tech clients that are also environmentally progressive, their team must be on the cutting edge of sustainability practices.

Green Planet Catering

Located in North Carolina, Green Planet Catering’s sustainable mission is partnered with a commitment to serving their clients high quality food. They use only locally grown, pesticide and hormone free products, which helps them keep harmful toxins from going back into the earth. Plus, many of their more commonly used produce items are grown on their own farm.

Green Planet Catering only drives biodiesel-powered trucks, which run on reclaimed kitchen fryer oil. This allows them to cut down on harmful C02 global warming emissions. Additionally, they strongly encourage customers to opt for reusable china and glassware. But for those who want to avoid doing so, they offer compostable paper and plastic products.

Elaine Bell Catering

This Napa County California company has been named the only certified green catering business in the area. They make every effort to use only organic, sustainable produce. Their meats and poultry are hormone-free. They source wild fish which has been approved by the Monterey Aquariums Seafood Watch List.

Partnering with their local waster and recycling center, Elaine Bell Catering’s kitchen has state-of-the-art recycling and composting capabilities. Their warehouse lighting has been replaced with energy efficient lights and dual speed fans installed in their walk-in coolers save electricity.

Windows Catering Company

A Certified Green Restaurant, Windows Catering Company uses sustainable practices such as water efficiency and waste reduction. Located in Alexandria, Virginia, they source produce from local farmers and recycle. WCC has installed energy efficient light bulbs, use Energy Star rated appliances and recycle their kitchen oils.

Global Gourmet Catering

This Bay Area catering company embraces their environmental responsibility with a continued commitment to an offering seasonal, sustainable farmed organic menu. From their produce and meats to their seafood and wines, they source them locally. All items used within their kitchen and offices are recyclable. They use only reusable service wares and 100% biodegradable products when absolutely necessary.

Sustainable Catering Event Checklist